Tradition is more modern than ever.

All the advantages of a strong family business.

As an independent company, we autonomously pursue our own corporate strategy as well as a social and sustainable human resources policy.

For many employees, it is important that they have the opportunity in their job to implement their ideas and realise their full potential, that their work is beneficial and makes sense – to themselves and ideally to others as well. Younger generations in particular will make such demands of their future employers. At STIEBEL ELTRON, it is precisely these aspects that form an integral part of our corporate culture.

Other key components of our culture include the encouragement of respect and mutual appreciation between coworkers. The dedication of our employees and their outstanding commitment is rewarded accordingly. With a comprehensive catalogue of corporate social benefits, STIEBEL ELTRON supports its employees in all of life's circumstances.

Cohesion in our traditional family business is characterised by a concept of unity, just as it is in a good family. Flat hierarchies and collaboration on an equal footing, as well as a culture of open communication and constructive feedback, are key to our sense of togetherness.