Opting for efficient building services brings many advantages

At STIEBEL ELTRON, we have always maintained a clear focus on technical progress. ”Complacency” is not a word we recognise. New, innovative thinking is essential if our business, our trade partners and customers want to progress.


We offer a huge range of options to ensure your home is ready for the future. There's a lot to go for: comforting warmth, plentiful hot water and the protection of the environment. We invest energy and effort so you don't have to.

The challenges are great and the future lies in green tech:

  • The statutory framework aimed at further reducing energy use within our homes for heating and domestic hot water brings with it higher demands for greater energy efficiency
  • Innovative building services are required for interiors and building envelopes
  • Reserves of oil and gas are finite
  • The energy transition cannot succeed without green energy

Investments in futureproofing your home pay off – for you and for the environment



STIEBEL ELTRON has been offering efficient solutions since 1924. We distinguish between the following:

How do you efficiently provide hot water in the kitchen?
What products bring water to boiling point?


STIEBEL ELTRON offers heat pump heating systems based on renewables for any application. Our product range also includes electric space heaters for heating individual rooms.

What makes building services futureproof?
What products and solutions do you offer that utilise renewables?
How can I heat individual rooms temporarily and efficiently?


STIEBEL ELTRON offers advanced ventilation technology for a pleasant ambient climate, for heat recovery and much more. We distinguish between the following:

  • centralised ventilation systems – for example for ventilating your new house.
  • Our most powerful all-rounders are integrated ventilation systems. These offer hot, heating, ventilation and cooling – all with a single appliance.
  • decentralised ventilation systems – for example for retrofitting and supplementing existing building services.


STIEBEL ELTRON offers local and centrally installed air handling units for cooling your home. Alternatively, you can cool with a heat pump. Operating with green power is, of course, the best option when it comes to our systems.

Can I keep cool with a heat pump?


STIEBEL ELRON offers compact, integral ventilation units – great all-rounders that provide domestic hot water, heat, ventilation and cooling for your home and contribute to your individual energy transition.


We are inspired by technology that’s green – and highly efficient

We were one of the first to recognise that electricity is the energy source of the future. Green electricity from the sun, wind and water is sustainable and environmentally responsible.


Ever since STIEBEL ELTRON was founded, we have held to this line in our R&D and manufacturing. As a consequence, we make exclusively electrically powered appliances – for green, highly efficient building service solutions.

We favour electricity for the following reasons:

  • Futureproof heat pump heating technology converts free solar energy stored in the ground, water and air into usable heat for your home
  • The electricity needed to power our appliances is becoming ever greener
  • The more efficient an appliance, the less electricity is required to run it

Electricity is the futureproof, and increasingly green, option that protects resources.

"The energy transition has reached a breakthrough. The share of green power is on the rise and it will become the primary energy of the future."

State of the art technology for outstanding efficiency – so you can use electricity with a clear conscience:


Take heat pumps, for example:
they generate up to five parts useful heat from every part electricity by drawing thermal energy from the environment.


Install the future and experience tomorrow today

We are one of Germany's leading building service suppliers. And as a family-owned business, we ensure our staff and in-house engineers focus on innovative concepts with real impact.

"Our expertise flows into absolutely every one of our products, from mini instantaneous water heaters, through to heating technology based on renewables."

Ideal solutions, time after time

  • Around the house:
    Innovative product solutions for all building services: Hot water, Heat, Ventilation, Cooling
  • German Engineering:
    As a leading innovator, we rely on our own expertise at every stage of development – from the initial design right through to the manufacture of the finished appliance
  • Sustainability based on quality:
    Our success is based on pioneering innovations and excellent manufacturing quality. We trust in the skills of German engineers worldwide – and are proud of our "made by STIEBEL ELTRON" products
  • Reliability meets perspective:
    You can also trust in our services: STIEBEL ELTRON supports its partners from consultation through to maintenance, be they qualified contractors, architects or builders

We are certain that energy efficient, intelligent and robust building service solutions are the future. Some examples for your home:

*UK electrical market data