Why choose Stiebel Eltron solar panels and where to buy them

Quality with service to match.

Why choose Stiebel solar pv and solar thermal systems

  • Our solar pv range is MCS approved and our solar thermal range are Solar Keymarked
  • The solar thermal panels from Stiebel Eltron are characterized by extremely high absorption of radiation, low radiation heat losses and an impressively long service life. As a result, the sum of all the technical components enables these collectors to achieve an extremely high efficiency, i.e. in excess of 80%. The solar collectors are made from ecologically sound materials and represent the highest production quality.
  • Our Tegreon photovoltaic panels use high grade materials and a robust modular construction, guaranteeing sustainably high yields. The panels are manufactured in Germany to the most stringent environmental requirements, using highly automated and quality-optimized manufacturing processes. The high reliability of yields is emphasised through guaranteed performance of 92% of rated output for the first 12 years and 80% for 25 years. The exclusively positive output tolerance of + 3% provides additional assurance for your investment (most manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to minus 5% or even 10% on the stated output). The specially structured solar glass combined with the optimised 3 busbar cells ensure a high standard output under all radiation conditions.
  • Suitable for any roof type – from slates to corrugated commercial roofs
  • We can specify and design complete system solutions with compatible thermal stores or domestic hot water tanks, pump stations and controls etc
  • We offer unrivalled support and expertise with many years of experience in the field and numerous previous reference installations with proven results  

How and where to buy Stiebel Eltron solar systems

  • We don’t sell direct to the public but offer a free and design and consultation service for installers, architects and consultants to ensure that your system is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • We have a network of trained installers whom we recommend for end customers . Conatct us for more information.
  • To ensure high quality installations our products are available to the trade only through specialist distributors with whom we partner closely. Again please contact us for more information.