Domestic air source heat pump and solar panels for Warrington home

Domestic retrofit ASHP with solar, Warrington

A Knowsley green energy installer is putting his money where his mouth is by giving his home an eco-makeover.

STIEBEL ELTRON solar panels being installed

Kevin Collins, director at CB Renewables, has retrofitted his 4-bedroom detached home with a state of the art renewable energy system, complete with heat pumps and solar panels.

Mr Collins said he decided to kit out his home after comparing the energy
pre and post installation. The total cost of the equipment and installation came to a total of £37,000 and Mr Collins is now making savings of 99.6% on his annual gas bill.

The value of his home will also increase due to the money created by the Feed In Tariff (FIT) and savings on energy bills. “We have recently launched CB Renewables and this was a perfect opportunity to test the engineering and gain more practical experience of renewable energy system installations.

"It also helps to be able to discuss the benefits with potential customers – both home owners and business – now that I have a number of renewable energy products myself. I find it a bit hypocritical when people try to sell green energy without using it themselves – this way I can look people in the eye when I talk about all the benefits.”

Stiebel Eltron's WPL10ACS air source heat pump is linked up outside and also provides cooling

Mr Collins has installed a Stiebel Eltron WPL10ACS air source heat pump with cooling, an overlay underfloor heating system and a 400 litre domestic hot water tank with 200 litre buffer for the heat pump.

Mr Collins has also fitted a two-panel solar thermal system and 15 Stiebel Eltron solar photovoltaic panels totalling 3.52kW.

He said: “I’ve converted my garage into a utility room which houses 50% of the renewable energy equipment, so none of it is intrusive or looks out of place.

"The system is running very well and each individual unit complements the other. Everything is also MCS accredited which means that with the Feed In Tariff, the solar panels will generate around £1,600 each year through the FIT scheme.

Kevin Collins
“I have virtually wiped out my gas bill – as I only now use gas for cooking it only costs
me around 11 pence each week. Putting underfloor heating in has also actually made my house bigger. I have been able to remove the gas fire and all of the radiators down stairs, giving me an extra 10 sq metres and making it easier to place my furniture.”

Mr Collins said he is hopeful that air source
heat pumps and solar thermal will beincluded in the Renewable Heat Incentive for domestic homes next October.

"Since I installed the equipment in September my heating bill has reduced by 25% compared with last year’s utility bills and as the winter unfolds expect the bills to reduce even further.


“Although the Government has moved the goalposts a few times in regards to renewable energy incentives, I expect the Green Deal to come through next year for domestic air source heat pump installations, which would provide a further quarterly cash back payment.

“Even with the FIT being slashed this year there are still plenty of incentives for property owners to go green, and of course opportunities for installers to capitalise on.

Solar panels installed on the roof