Moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy

At our current level of energy demand we will have consumed all of the world's store of fossil fuels in only a millionth of the time it took to create them. Finding a long-term alternative is a key challenge of our time. Using the stored radiant energy of the sun one of the key ways that we are going to acheive this.

STIEBEL ELTRON - renewables made in Germany. Tradition with a future.

Using renewable and sustainable energies

Stiebel Eltron creates solutions that can drastically reduce energy consumption. Intelligent technology enables use of renewable energy to be largely independent of finite resources such as oil, natural gas or coal.

Generating power

Changing from a classic oil or gas-based heating system to a heat pump can mean that up to 75% of heat demand in a home is covered by environmental energy. Integrating photovoltaic modules can increase this independence from the grid or fossil fuels even further.

Energy storage: convert solar energy into usable heat

Thermal storage solutions are a smart way to store electricity generated by photovoltaic panels.

Almost 90% of required domestic energy is thermal energy. In their highly insulated thermal stores STIEBEL ELTRON can stockpile this heat with minimal heat losses. So the energy for your hot water requirement and for heating your home is always available.

Energy efficiency through heat recovery

Modern ventilation systems not only ensure a healthy living environment, but also make a significant contribution to the efficient use of energy. Because up to 90% of the energy that is lost by the conventional window ventilation can be recovered in mechanical ventilation systems.  

Intelligent energy management

To ensure the optimal efficiency of the products in your home and the energy you generate through your photovoltaic array, Stiebel Eltron has a range of IT solutions that can oversee and manage your energy usage.

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