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  • Fully electronic regulation and electronic regulation or electronic control?

    The equipment levels "fully electronic regulation", "electronic regulation" and "electronic control" determine the degree of DHW convenience and the stability of the outlet temperature.

    STIEBEL ELTRON i technology

    4i technology in the DHE Touch

    Four-fold intelligence for limitless premium comfort. For fully electronic control, STIEBEL ELTRON relies on 4i technology. This combines three sensors and a motorised valve. The sensors capture the inlet temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate. Continuous set-actual comparisons ensure accurate temperature delivery. If the appliance were at its maximum output, greater DHW consumption would automatically result in a drop in temperature. To ensure that the required temperature is still maintained even in this case, the motorised valve automatically finely adjusts the amount of water delivered. This means no more unpleasant temperature shocks when showering. The process is totally automatic and not perceived by the user. This considerably increases the comfort factor, especially when several draw-off points need to be supplied at once.

    4i technology maintains the required temperature with constant precision, regardless of showering behaviour or external influences. There is no need to mix in cold water. As a result, only the actual energy required is used which translates into high efficiency.  

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    2i technology: DHB STi and HDB-E Si

    Two-fold intelligence for everyday DHW convenience. The electronic controlled instantaneous water heaters are equipped with 2i technology, comprising an inlet temperature sensor and a flow sensor. This system calculates the heating output required subject to the selected temperature. Up to three fixed temperature levels can be selected (approx. 35, 45, 55 °C). If a different temperature is required, the temperature can be manually adjusted by mixing in cold water. The energy efficiency of 2i technology is optimised to the energy consumption of the temperature stages.

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