Wall mounted cylinder
SHZ 50 S (GB)

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    Price conscious hot water provision

    In wall mounted cylinders, the amount of standby power consumed greatly influences the operating costs over time. Thanks to its exceptional insulation, this wall mounted cylinder offers terrific DHW convenience at an affordable price.

    Simple, yet effective

    The clearly structured control element enables variable temperature selection, while the individual LEDs provide information on the amount of heat currently stored.

    ERP product datasheet
    UK ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 232784

    Connected load ~ 230 V: 1-4 kW

    Power supply: 1/N/PE

    Rated voltage: 230 V

    Frequency: 50 Hz

    Load profile: M

    Energy efficiency class: C

    Standby energy consumption/ 24 h at 65 °C: 0.60 kWh

    Nominal capacity: 50 l

    Mixed water volume 40 °C: 80 l

    Temperature setting range: 35-70 °C

    Max. flow rate: 18 l/min

    Height: 816 mm

    Width: 510 mm

    Depth: 510 mm

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