Wall mounted cylinders 30 to 150 l
SHZ 30 S (GB)

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    Wall mounted DHW cylinder for supplying DHW. Sealed unvented (pressure-tested) for supplying several draw-off points. Manual rapid heat-up mode also possible. Internal steel cylinder with special enamel coating, T&P valve and anti-corrosion rod; thermal insulation for low heat losses. Flanged immersion heater, dual/single circuit operation. The water content is maintained at the selected temperature by the controller (subject to connection). In manual rapid heat-up operation, the water content is heated only once, requiring the heat-up process to be started manually. Infinitely variable temperature adjustment between approx. 35 °C and 70 °C. Automatic frost protection in single circuit operation. Indicator for manual rapid heat-up operation and rapid heat-up (single press of a pushbutton), replaceable flanged copper immersion heater with drain connector. Installation with the following: Safety assembly, funnel and expansion vessel with wall mounting bracket. IP 24 D (splashproof).

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    Product Number: 232783

    Rated capacity: 30 l

    Width: 410 mm

    Height: 846 mm

    Depth: 420 mm

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