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  • Automatic water boiler SNU HOT + HOT 3in1 cr

    A whole new dimension in convenience.

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    Automatic water boilers

    Did you know? Whenever you need near-boiling water in a hurry, you first have to go through several steps to get there, and that can take some time.
    The SNU HOT + HOT 3in1 cr automatic water boiler provides near-boiling water at almost 100 °C. With a single lever, hot water at nearly boiling point flows directly from the tap – letting you prepare hot drinks or instant meals, blanch vegetables, disinfect baby bottles and kitchen utensils, as well as clean pots and pans. The HOT 3in1 cr tap supplied does all this with maximum safety.


    Automatic water boiler SNU HOT + HOT 3in1 cr