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SNU HOT GB + HOT 3in1 cr

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    SNU HOT water boiler: Hot water at 97 °C straight from the tap.

    The unique SNU HOT water boiler represents a perfectly matched system that provides hot water at 97 °C with no waiting. With the superbly engineered technology installed undersink, all that can be seen is the high quality tap in a contemporary design – both attractive to look at and space efficient.

    Greater convenience with safety

    Near-boiling hot water flows from the tap only when the safety handle on the HOT 3in1 cr tap is pushed in and turned. The tap itself remains cool. There is a separate mixer lever for drawing cold water and normal domestic hot water.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 232421

    Connected load: 2 kW

    Height: 421 mm

    Width: 263 mm

    Depth: 230 mm

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