LWZ 130

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    APPLICATION: Central ventilation unit with heat recovery for ventilating apartments and small detached houses.
    Compact design, optimised for installation in suspended ceilings; can be used for up to approx. 130 m² living space. Hardwired controller with multifunction display, integral humidity sensor and seven-day program, as a programming unit for wall mounting. Efficient constant flow rate fans, highly efficient cross-countercurrent heat exchanger made from PS, electric preheating via high performance heating coil, electronic bypass, simple filter change, with coarse dust filter in the extract air and medium dust filter, with option of fine dust filter, in the supply air.
    EFFICIENCY: Constant flow rate fan enables balanced air flow rate and thereby optimises operation for efficiency.
    Installation as a ceiling mounted appliance in residential units. The air connections are located on the r.h. and l.h. sides of the appliance. Easy access to the electrical connection panel without having to open the appliance. EPS casing with partial enclosure made from zinc-plated sheet steel. Termination on the room side by means of a service flap to be installed on site.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 237805

    Width: 520 mm

    Height: 248 mm

    Depth: 1113 mm

    Air flow rate: 50-180 m³/h

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