Two day comissioning and fault finding course

Our two day workshops are for those partners who have already attended the one day course and have some experience in the field of installing our products. They cover servicing and troubleshooting for existing installations.

Course content

Day 1
Heat pump basics How a heat pump works
Explanation of the refrigeration circuit

Demonstration of the refrigeration circuit
Overview of Integrated GSHPs Model Variants
Hydraulic Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams

Demonstration of connecting sensors and explanation of components.
Controls Setting up DHW circuit
Setting up heating circuits
Explanation of heat curve and weather compensation.
Commissioning Parameters

Setting heating and hot water settings, demonstration of any commissioning parameters.
Testing Components Testing the compressor circuit
Testing the booster (DHC) circuit
Testing other components using the Relay Test
Operation of the soft start

Demonstration of testing components.
Error Codes Explanation of error codes, faults and controller logic.
Day 2
Cascades and Sets Model Variants
Hydraulic Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Cascade Parameters
Addressing heat pumps in a cascade

Demonstration of setting up cascades.
Air Source Heat Pumps (non-inverter) Model Variants
Hydraulic Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Sensor Faults
Testing Components
Error Codes

Demonstration of defrosting, faults and component testing.
Air Source Heat Pumps (inverter) Explanation of operation (WPL 15 / 25 AS)
Extra parameters.

Demonstration of operation
Setting up a 2nd heat source Connecting external elements (BGC)
Connecting boilers
2nd heat source parameters

Summary and final questions


This course is free to attend.