Specification and technical support services

Our team offers a number of free services to help you get your project off the ground

Project specification service

For heat pump, solar and ventilation projects we offer a free technical specification for every project. This means we will review the plans for the building and your heat loss calculations, and consult on your requirements, before providing you (or your installer) with a detailed set of system drawings, kit list and pricing.

We can also help with specifying electric hot water and hetaing solutions for projects requiring multiple units.

Every solution is tailor made for each project to ensure the best possible efficiency and comfort.

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Heat pumps and solar: project support and commissioning

Our team also provide technical support during installation, by phone or, when required, with on site visits. For heat pump or combined projects, once installation is complete we visit every installation to comission the system, ensuring that the product is set for optimal efficiency from day one.

Specification for electric heating and hot water

For projects entailing the installation of multiple products we can specify the correct size of heaters and the best hot water solutions, based on building drawings. All our electric products are designed with maximum efficiency and low energy use in mind, and we always look to provide solutions that will save clients money on energy bills and carbon in the long term.