Extended warranty for heat pumps

Helping you help your customers

Because we have faith in our products and we want to help you build your business and your reputation, we offer our partners support to offer end users an extended warranty scheme. Offer valid for heat pump systems up to 20 kW heating capacity.

What you get

  • 5 years of FREE parts after the initial 2 year guarantee period. For larger projects we can even negotiate the provision of your own stock of the most commonly used parts to help you improve your service response times
  • Stiebel Eltron create and print materials (customised with your logo and company details) to help you sell the offering (download example below)
  • Guaranteed income in advance
  • An opportunity to build trust with customers and enhace your reputation
Sample free marketing materials that Stiebel Eltron will produce for you

What the customer gets

  • Up to 7 years extended warranty
  • All costs covered in the event of a warranty claim
  • Longer life of their system as as a result of regular maintenance
  • Optimal adjustment of the system for reduced energy costs

How it works

  • You offer the extended warranty to the end consumer and they take out a contract with you, paying you the fee you agree. A selection of fee structures is available - see table below
  • You notify us when an extended warranty is sold and we set the clock ticking on our free parts offer
  • Note that the offer is 7 years warranty from the point of comission of the product, not from the point of sale of the warranty. A valid comissioning sheet must be supplied
  • Warranty only applies to products supplied by Stiebel Eltron. Use of unapproved parts may invalidate the warranty
Customers choose from 3 packages Guideline price incl. VAT (payable on signing of the warranty)
Y3: comissioning with 3 years warranty £120 p.a.
Y5: comissioning with 5 years warranty with maintenance in the 3rd year included £110 p.a.
Y7: comissioning with 7 years warranty with maintenance in the 3rd and 6th year included £100 p.a.