New rapid heaters and convectors meet ErP requirements

Uniform regulation of all direct heating systems

Stiebel Eltron has upgraded its entire range of direct heating systems. “More comfort, more functions and at the same time conformity with the ErP directive which will also apply to these products from 1 January 2018 – these were the decisive factors for a major overhaul of our range of direct heating systems”, says Andreas Ruthe, responsible product manager. In this case ErP relevance does not mean that the devices get a label and are divided into A, B or C classes: “The directive lays down a limit for every kind of product, which must be calculated according to various criteria. If the product complies with the limit it may be marketed – otherwise it is quite simply forbidden to sell it”, Andreas Ruthe explains. “Needless to say, all new Stiebel Eltron products meet the approval requirements.”

An important feature of the new product generation is the standardised electronic control with LC display. This makes each device “smarter”. For example, the new heaters automatically detect whether a window is open, offer a weekly timer with three time programs and allow comfort and reduced temperatures to be programmed. In addition, they have an adaptive self-learning function in timer mode: if a certain temperature is programmed in the bathroom for 6 a.m., the device “learns” how long it needs to heat up the room to this temperature – and automatically switches itself on earlier or later next time.

Like the Premium CON devices, the new CK 20 Premium rapid heater, which replaces the entire previous CK series, also offers a short-time timer: at the press of a button the device switches to comfort mode for a predefined time, heats the room and then automatically switches off again at the end of this period.

In addition to the new control system that will also be used in Stiebel Eltron storage heaters in future and the new technology inside, the products have been given a new, more modern design.