Storage heating

  • High on heat, low on space

    If space is tight and your old night storage heater has seen better days, why not treat yourself to our range of compact, high heat rentention (HHR) heaters.

    Your search for a successor is over. Say goodbye to your old night storage heater.

    Night storage heaters are a clean and environmentally responsible way to supply heat in many sitautions. With zero emissions at the point of installation. We all know about their plus points. They convert electricity into heat without any losses. You don’t need a chimney connection or a heating tank and can heat children’s rooms individually. Once an old night storage heater stops working, you need a replacement fast.

    Our modern storage heaters are extremely quiet, but you’re still sure to notice their impressively high heating output. All thanks to our perfect C-Plus Technology. And you also benefit considerably in other ways, since you save up to 20 percent of the energy compared to an old appliance operated without a central charge controller.

    Your wallet will be happy too, as a new night storage heater does not have to be expensive.

    Easy operation of your storage heater Explained step by step: The animation shows how to commission and configure the storage heater easily and comfortably.