Control your heat pump via your home network

Our internet service gateway (ISG) allows you to control your heat pump using devices connected to your home network. You can access and control your system via your PC , laptop , or tablet at will. You have access to a Local ISG homepage that shows your heat pump data, including average heating temperatures and hot water consumption.


  • Convenient and easy adjustment of the heat pump via PC , laptop or tablet
  • User-friendly operation via standard browser
  • User-friendly interface
  • Control of important functions
  • Internet connection to the SERVICE WORLD portal
  • Fault message on the SERVICE WORLD Directory * via SMS or e -mail
  • Data security through encrypted data transmission
  • Software updates of the ISG about the SERVICE WORLD portal

* Fee payable, See : Service World Packages

The user-friendly interface of the ISG allows you to operate your heat pump fast and easily. If your heat pump needs maintenance our specialists can make get an immediate picture of the operating parameters of the product by accessing the stored data. In addition, you have the option to access your system via a mobile.

Service World Pro

For owners who want to hand management of their heat pump to a facilities management or maintenance company we have a professional portal.

This allows third parties to manage the heat pump remotely, monitoring and adjusting performance as necessary.


Benefits of Service World pro

  • Accessible around the clock
  • Systems and data analysis
  • Fast and convenient remote control  - including re-set of machine in emergency situations
  • Internet connection to the SERVICE WORLD portal
  • Fault messages via SMS and email