Small water heaters, wall and floor mounted cylinders

  • Efficiency and comfort

    Whether you need to supply a whole home, a bathroom or just a basin, our stored water heaters are all designed to use the minimum electric energy and provide you with the mazimum hot water comfort

    An easy way to enjoy your home comforts

    Forget about dripping taps

    Your home is the place where you feel most comfortable. That’s why we focus on maximum efficiency and comfort for your home when developing our products. Comfort through technology. Take our small water heaters in the SNU SLi series as an example, which come with anti-drip and thermostop.

    The anti-drip function was developed by us and delivers what its name promises. It ensures that the tap does not drip when water is being heated in the small water heater. You will save water and prevent annoying limescale deposits on the tap and washbasin. The thermostop function prevents the tap itself from heating up. This saves energy and avoids unnecessary costs for you.

    Get the answers to your DHW cylinder questions

    Would you like to have a DHW cylinder in your home but still have some questions? We’re here to help! Here is an overview of our frequently asked questions.

    How large should a DHW cylinder be?

    Choose 5 litre models for a basin.

    Choose 10 litres (or a high-temperature 5 litre model such as the SN5 t ECO GB) for 2 basins or a sink in flat or small family home.

    Choose 15 litres for high usage sinks such as larger family homes or shared student kitchens

    Choose 30 litres or more for cleaner's sinks or light commercial use. 

    Choose 100 litres for a home with up to  a 2 shower rooms (no bath) in household of up to 2 people.

    Choose 150 litres for a home with one bath and up to 2 showers and up to 5 residents

    How does an electric DHW cylinder work?

    A conventional “electric storage water heater” heats the water with the help of a heating element/heater rod. This is traditionally a tubular heater, similar to those used in electric kettles. The appliance stores the energy in the form of heated water. The domestic hot water is heated to the temperature that you have set. Temperatures of up to 85 °C can be set, resulting in a very high volume of mixed water being available for showering, bathing or other purposes. (Mixed water = water at 40 °C). After hot water has been drawn off, the DHW cylinder heats the water again either directly (single circuit operation) or at night (dual circuit operation) when tariffs are lower, depending on the operating mode.

    What are the different kinds of electric DHW heaters?

    With small water heaters, we differentiate between non-pressurised and pressurised appliances. Non-pressurised DHW cylinders are suitable for supplying one individual draw-off point. These appliances can only be operated with a non-pressurised tap. They are used in detached houses and apartment buildings, sports facilities and commercial kitchens.

    Pressurised DHW cylinders supply one or more draw-off points. They can be operated with a commercially available pressure tap fitting. For example in hotels, hostels and barracks.

    Both kinds of small water heaters have models suitable for mounting above a tapping point or below. Check which you require before selecting.

    Wall mounted cylinders can store more water and in the UK are usually installed in a cupboard or attic space. 

    What all DHW cylinders have in common is that they store hot water with little standby energy, so that large quantities of hot water are available to you quickly.