Extended warranty for heat pumps

Up to 7 years piece of mind with our warranty offer

Because we have faith in the quality of our products we are proud to offer up to 7 years of cover for your Stiebel Eltron Heat pump in partnership with our installer partners. Offer valid for heat pump systems up to 20 kW heating capacity.

What you get

  • Up to 7 years extended warranty
  • All costs covered in the event of a warranty claim
  • Optimal adjustment of the system for reduced energy costs
  • Longer life of your system as as a result of regular maintenance

How it works

  • Our extended warranty scheme is offered in partnership with our installer partners. Your contract is with your installer (or another of our business partners) and you pay them direct
  • Note that the offer is 7 years warranty from the point of comissioning of the product (the formal completion of installation of which your installer will notify us), not from the point of sale of the warranty
  • Warranty only applies to products supplied by Stiebel Eltron. Use of unapproved parts may invalidate the warranty
A choice of 3 packages is available
Y3: comissioning with 3 years warranty
Y5: comissioning with 5 years warranty with maintenance in the 3rd year included
Y7: comissioning with 7 years warranty with maintenance in the 3rd and 6th year included

How to find out more and buy extended warranty

  • Contact your installer to discuss pricing and complete a purchase
  • Not all installers choose to run extended warranty schemes. In the event that you need to find an installer in your area who does please contact your local sales manager for more information