With the new MyStiebel app, you can control your heat pump easily and conveniently using a smartphone

MyStiebel-App - The app for your heat pump

Intuitive operation thanks to the MyStiebel app

The MyStiebel app enables you to set the extensive functions of a STIEBEL ELTRON heat pump simply and intuitively. In addition to controlling heating, cooling and hot water, there is also the option of creating and storing individual time programs in the MyStiebel app.

The heat pump app also offers options, such as “vacation” or “eco” modes, in order to temporarily and individually adjust the heat requirement. This allows energy consumption to be reduced without sacrificing comfort. Spontaneous and temporary adjustments of the desired temperature are possible regardless of your location, without affecting the regular program of the next few days.

A prerequisite for the MyStiebel app is the use of an Internet service gateway (ISG) from STIEBEL ELTRON. You will also need a compatible heat pump controller. 

Operate your heat pump via the MyStiebel app *

  • Easy operation of the heat pump controller
  • Comfortable settings for heating, cooling and water heating
  • Clear presentation of heat pump data
  • Activation of standby, vacation or personal function settings
  • ECO operation for efficient operation
  • Available for Android® and iOS®

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Get the advantages of the MyStiebel app on Android now!

Control your STIEBEL ELTRON heat pump faster and easier than ever!

The Android version of the app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

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The iOS® version of the app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

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* The MyStiebel app is now in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store available in a home network version for download. Many useful functions that make it easier and quicker to operate your heat pump at home are already included here. Additional components such as the ISG web are required for the full range of functions.