STIEBEL ELTRON launches compact system cylinder range to support installers in delivering heat pumps across the UK

STIEBEL ELTRON UK has unveiled a range of compact system cylinders which will improve the ease with which installers can fit heat pumps into existing homes, new builds, and refurbishment projects.

The new range from the leading supplier of renewable heating products features a raft of  cylinders, which  integrate the indoor components of a heat pump into one tidy, space-saving unit.

Lightweight and compact, the cylinders fit into UK domestic properties effortlessly, while also being pre-plumbed and pre-wired to offer a plug and play solution for engineers, which significantly reduces any difficulties in installing a heat pump. 

Fitted with an indoor hot water tank and control system, the cylinders are matched with outdoor air-source heat pumps to create a practical heating solution for installers looking to deliver for their customers, particularly in limited spaces and smaller dwellings.

STIEBEL ELTRON UK, headquartered in Bromborough, Wirral, designed the range with a view to making it easier for installers to advance the adoption of heat pumps across the country. 

With consumers looking to heat their homes via more environmentally friendly methods, the range will allow installers to implement heat pumps as a viable solution with little hassle, even in buildings where space optimisation is a priority.

Ranging from 180 to 300 litres capacity to meet any building’s requirements, certain models also include a buffer cylinder to store heat when demand is low. 

Within the range are the latest models, HSBB 180 S Plus and HSBC 225 S 1, which are integrated with a building’s heat pump system seamlessly as they bring the domestic hot water (DHW) cylinder and hydraulic parts together into a single appliance. 

Due to their compact size, the cylinders can be installed into often under-utilised areas of homes, such as an airing cupboard, and perform efficiently with low standby losses. 

Meanwhile a large-area heat exchanger within the cylinders allows them to work effectively where there is high DHW demand. 

As these two new cylinders are a lightweight stainless steel construction, they are convenient for installers to transport, while all the components within the cylinder are tested at the same time prior to going on the market to provide a fail-safe installation.

With a new HSBC 220 model set to be added in January 2024. the range’s launch comes at a time when STIEBEL ELTRON UK is expanding its workforce and placing an onus on developing new products across all areas of the business. 

As well as investing in its compact system cylinder offering, STIEBEL ELTRON UK invested £350,000 last year in a new training facility with a view to increasing the number of installers available to fit them and has since trained more than 400 to qualification throughout 2023.

Mark McManus, STIEBEL ELTRON UK Managing Director, said: “The compact cylinder system range is designed to make the life of installers easier, offering an efficient, space-saving solution which pulls everything needed to see heat pumps work in a dwelling of any size.

“With demand for heat pumps increasing, we want to ensure that the UK has a raft of well-trained, expert installers available, but also make sure that those qualified technicians are supported and well equipped to deliver heat pumps in any situation.

“A part of this is making their implementation as easy as possible and the compact system cylinder range does exactly this for installers.”

Founded in 1924, STIEBEL ELTRON is a market leading supplier of technology for building services and green technology, with a particular focus on central heating products.

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Notes to Editor:

- Since 1924, STIEBEL ELTRON has combined the success factors of technological expertise, quality, innovation, reliability, and customer proximity. Today, it is one of the world’s market leading suppliers of technology products for building services and green tech.