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ETT 500 Plus

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    APPLICATION: Storage heater as low height version for floorstanding installation as a standalone heating system for apartments and commercial buildings, for utilising off-peak economy tariff models with blocking times. Specially designed for installation in recesses with a low window sill.
    EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: Storage heater with an installed height of just 490 mm and depth of 275 mm incl. 30 mm wall clearance grille. Integral electronic charge and room temperature controllers. Operation via display with simple programming. Adjustable room temperature from +5 to +30 °C. Room temperature controller with programmable weekly timer with 2 preset and 1 individually programmable time programs. Adaptive control as a learning function for achieving the comfort temperature in timer mode at precisely the right time. Selectable window open detection function to avoid wasted energy. Programmable comfort and setback temperatures. Frost protection at 7 °C. Four-stage connected load (100/91.6/83.3/75 %); can be reduced. Control inputs for AC and DC control signals. Optional booster heater can be integrated. High grade thermal insulation technology for high heat retention. With fluff filter in the air intake as standard. Particularly quiet with crossflow fans.
    INSTALLATION/SERVICE: Installation on the floor or off-floor with mounting bracket. Only one type of core stone (2 stones/pack). Easily accessible power connection with foldaway connection panel for recesses. Direct connection with NYM. Permanent control voltage needed.
    SAFETY: VDE/GS, safety category I, high limit safety cut-out.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238569

    Rated connected load: 5 kW

    Height: 490 mm

    Depth: 275 mm

    Width: 1480 mm

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