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    This product is the base station for the EASYTRON individual room control system. It enables room temperature measurement and preferred temperature delivery in each living space.

    Other EASYTRON components are connected to the base station. Which combination of components is connected depends on the application. Smart thermostats are available for connection to radiators, wireless sensors for measuring room temperature and heating controllers for controlling actuators in underfloor heating systems.

    Until now, the individual room controls on the market have generally offered little or no opportunity to directly influence the heat generator, e.g. a heat pump. The EASYTRON individual room control system responds optimally to different operating conditions, such as defrosting. An EASYTRON Connect individual room control system is therefore the ideal supplement to the heat pump controller.

    It can be used both for water-based underfloor heating systems and for radiator-based central heating and increases comfort significantly.

    Individual components communicate with each other wirelessly. An app (iOS® and Android®) is used to operate the system. 

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 237737

    Installation type: Floor mounted appliance

    WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n

    Z-Wave radio: 868.42 MHz

    Supply voltage: 5 V

    Width: 124 mm

    Height: 124 mm

    Depth: 28 mm

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