Air source heat pumps
WPL Plus Pack 1

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    Application • Mono block heat pump with output-dependent control, with highly integrated indoor module for space saving, rapid installation. • It can be used for modernisation, since it provides a flow temperature of up to 65 °C all year round for heating operation and DHW heating. • It can be used in a wide range of different heating distribution systems, as the heat pump is separated from the heat distribution system by means of an integral buffer cylinder. • The indoor module also contains the following: DHW cylinder, cylinder charging pump, heating circuit pump, 3/2-way diverter valve, safety valve, electric emergency/auxiliary heater and the heat pump manager, which is used to control the system.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204911

    Energy efficiency class: A+++

    Heating output at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 8.33 kW

    Heating output at A-7/W35 (EN 14511): 12.86 kW

    COP at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 4.14

    COP at A-7/W35 (EN 14511): 2.98

    SCOP (EN 14825): 4.39

    Sound power level (EN 12102): 55 dB(A)

    Min./max. application limits for heat source: -20-40 °C

    Min. application limit on heating side: 15 °C

    Max. application limit on the heating side: 65 °C

    Height: 1045 mm

    Width: 1490 mm

    Depth: 593 mm

    Weight: 175 kg

    Refrigerant: R410A

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