Heating buffer cylinder
STH 210 Plus

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    APPLICATION: Buffer cylinders for heat pump heating systems; also suitable for cooling mode. They enable hydraulic separation of the liquid flowing in the heat pump and heating circuit, to extend heat pump runtimes and store heating energy. For use in detached and two-family houses, depending on nominal capacity. Optional integration of solar thermal backup is possible with "SOL" types.
    EQUIPMENT: Steel cylinder with directly applied foam insulation, hydraulic connections arranged at the front one above the other, plus connectors for optional fitting of threaded immersion heaters. With "SOL" types, one internal indirect coil for solar connection. Cylinder casing consisting of outer plastic jacket in pure white, plus cylinder cover and plinth trim in grey.
    EFFICIENCY: Low standby losses due to highly effective thermal insulation. Designed for connecting heat pumps with high flow rates on the primary side.

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    Product Number: 203763

    Rated capacity: 207 l

    Height: 1535 mm

    Diameter incl. thermal insulation: 630 mm

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