Announcing Easytron single room controls for heat pumps

New energy saving controls

Easytron is a wireless time and temperature control system for radiators and underfloor heating for use with Stiebel Eltron heat pumps.


Easily retrofitted to existing wet radiators or underfloor heating, this system offers the comfort advantages of individual time and temperature control for each radiator/underfloor zone in your home, via an intuitive app.


With air source heat pumps operating underfloor heating the intelligent valves maintain the optimum flow rate through your heat pump for maximum system efficiency. Even if valves are closed because room temperatures have been reached, these valves can open briefly to maintain the minimum required flow rate. This allows the Easytron valves to replace the function usually fulfilled by buffer tanks in heat pump systems whilst offering substantial benefits:


*Space saving – no buffer tank required with underfloor systems


*Reduced running costs and system efficiency - only one circulating pump needed instead of two


*None of the heat losses associated with buffer tanks – improved system efficiency and running costs

















































For air source systems the defrost cycle is achieved by briefly opening the underfloor heating valves - avoiding the need for the use of the booster heater. This again improves efficiency and reducing running costs

A range of accessories are available such as repeaters for properties where the wireless signal has weak spots.

Radiator valves are battery operated to avoid the need for electric wiring. 

*system requirement: Siebel Eltron Internet Service Gateway.