New system cylinders and heat pumps that save on space

In Europe heat pumps and their cylinders are often installed in basements. Britain has very few homes with basements and are on average smaller than European homes, so when it comes to fitting heat pumps finding space for plant has often been a consideration.

However, technology is now catching up with the needs of the UK market. Our new WPL classic range of air source heat pumps are small enough to fall under permitted development rules for external installation. Their exceptionally quiet operation also makes them ideal even for built up areas. For highly sensitive locations there is even a programmable "silent" mode which reduces the volume even further. To go with the heat pump there are two choices of pre-wired and pre-plumbed units for the interior part of the installation and a hydraulic module allowing you to easily select and install larger hot water cylinders for homes with a higher demand for hot water. Inside these pre-plumbed units are circulating pumps, heat pump controller, electric backup, diverter valve, expansion vessel, and safety pressure relief valves. This not only saves space and makes for a tidy install, but also eliminates the potential for installation error. They are also available as packs to buy, to make the specification process straightforward.


› The HSBC combines a 100 litre buffer tank for space heating with  a 200 litre domestic hot water tank. This comes apart into two sections to help squeeze it into tight spaces.

› The HSBB is a 200 litre domestic hot water tank

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