Updates to the RHI May-June 2018

The latest RHI reforms for Domestic and Non-Domestic have successfully passed through Parliament and came into effect on 22 May 2018. This results in changes to both Non-Domestic and Domestic RHI schemes in Great Britain.

The key changes for each scheme are:

Domestic RHI:

  • Introduction of Assignment of Rights
  • Introduction of mandatory electricity metering for heat pumps on DRHI and domestic properties on shared ground loop systems in the NDRHI. The good news is  that Stiebel Eltron heat pump controllers already have metering on board, so no additional equipment is required. If the client adds an internet service gateway (ISG) this provides graphed data on the performance of the system.

Non-domestic RHI:

  • Introduction of tariff guarantees – amount of heat covered limited to 250GWh per year
  • Removal of wood fuel drying, waste drying or processing, and domestic swimming pools on Non-domestic premises as eligible uses of heat
  • Introduction of shared ground loop regulations for ground source heat pumps – payments for heat pumps linked to domestic properties will be made on basis of deemed heat rather than metering

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