New CNS NC heaters

Our new CNS NC (no control) range is now available to complement our best-selling CNS range.

Control heating times and temperatures to manage your heating bills effectively with this Lot 20 compliant solution. The range features heaters from 0.5-2kW in size.

Featuring all of the advanced options for power management that characterizes our popular CNS Trend UK range, these heaters are designed to be installed in public areas or accommodation where the resident is not the bill payer. Completely tamper proof, on board time and temperature controls can only be set by the landlord, providing the best of both worlds in terms of flexible zone control and bill management. 

Unlike our previous CNS NC models these new heaters do not require a separate local PIR or touch activated controls. Users can use onboard controls to boost heat for a set limited period if the heater is currently at its setback temperature. 


In addition, the advanced controls help to minimize energy wastage, increase safety and reduce the need for maintenance through features such as:


• Weekly timer with 3 time programs, self-learning function and window open detection


• Control unit with self-learning capability: Automatic calculation of the preheat time in timer mode


• Safety through overheating protection


• Long-lasting tubular stainless steel element with steel fins


• Time buffering in the case of power outages lasting up to 12 hours