Water boilers
HOT 2.6 N 1600 Premium + 3in1 N3 c

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    Be inspired by hot water in no time

    This hot water system is the fast and convenient way to achieve very hot water. It consists of a space saving automatic water boiler, which you can place under the sink, for example, and a 3in1 kitchen tap. A perfect duo that allows you to quickly prepare hot drinks and food or clean very dirty dishes immediately.


    Use a constant temperature safely

    The automatic water boiler has an electronic temperature control. This allows the appliance to maintain a constant water temperature of up to 95 °C. To use the hot water in the kitchen, the mixer lever tap has a special rotary selector that allows you to draw off the hot water with minimal steam or splashes. The built-in push & turn mechanism provides extra safety.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 203882

    Temperature setting range: 65-95 °C

    Tap: 3in1 N3 c

    Type: non-pressurised

    Application: Sink

    Colour: white

    Operating controls: 2 handles

    Height: 450 mm

    Width: 200 mm

    Depth: 145 mm

    Spout height: 226 mm

    Spout reach: 210 mm

    Tap surface: chrome plated

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    HOT 2.6 N 1600 Premium + 3in1 N4; 3in1 tap with 95 degree hot water on demand