Brine-water heat pumps

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    APPLICATION: Compact brine | water heat pump for indoor installation with integral DHW cylinder and high level of integration. Can be used in mono mode to provide heating and DHW in new builds and modernisation projects due to the high flow temperatures. The compact design of the appliance requires only a very small installation area.
    EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: To minimise the transfer of structure-borne sound to the building, the refrigerant circuit is mounted on an anti-vibration base plate. The consistent source temperature guarantees unchanging heating output all year round, with flow temperatures up to 60 °C. The integral heat pump controller enables fully automated, weather-compensated control of the heating system and, when combined with the optional ISG, the ability to control the system via a home network or a mobile terminal device. With integral heat and electricity metering via refrigerant circuit data. One high efficiency circulation pump is provided for the brine side and one for the heating side. An electric emergency/booster heater for mono energetic operation and pasteurisation, diverter valve for DHW heating and safety valve with discharge hose are integrated as standard. The refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed, tested for tightness at the factory and filled with safety refrigerant R410A.
    EFFICIENCY: The heat pump unit is equipped with a scroll compressor with a soft starter and optimised heat exchangers for improved efficiency.
    INSTALLATION: The supplied pressure hoses enable direct hydraulic connection to the heating side and source side. The metal casing is corrosion-protected and made from galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel, with an alpine white stove enamel finish. To facilitate heat pump handling, the refrigerant circuit can be separated from the cylinder module with little effort. Carrying handles at the top and bottom make it easier to transport the appliance.

    ERP product datasheet

    UK ERP product datasheet

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    Product Number: 234311

    Output at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 13,01 kW

    Coefficient of performance at B0/W35 (EN 14511): 4,75

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