Integral cylinder
HSBB 180 S Plus (GB) Set

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    Application • This integral cylinder is used for DHW heating. The appliance is integrated into the heating system; it also connects the heat pump hydraulically to the heating circuit. • The integral cylinder is designed for heating and cooling in a family house and is optimised for use with an underfloor heating system.

    Convenience features • The DHW cylinder comprises an enamelled steel cylinder with foam insulation, an internal indirect coil and a magnesium anode for additional corrosion protection. The appliance can be used for cooling via underfloor heating system or fan coil units. • Equipment includes: WPM heat pump manager, DHW/heating circuit charging pump, 3/2-way diverter valve, safety valve with drain connector, and electric emergency/auxiliary heater. • Easy to transport thanks to integral carrying aids.

    Efficiency • Low standby losses.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204552

    Energy efficiency class: B

    Nominal capacity, DHW cylinder: 178 l

    Surface area, heat exchanger: 1.59 m²

    Height: 1309 mm

    Width: 605 mm

    Depth: 917 mm

    Height when tilted: 1500 mm

    Weight: 100 kg

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