LWZ 180 Enthalpie

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    Create a pleasant indoor environment in the home with the exclusive ventilation unit.

    Its extremely quiet operation makes the wall mounted LWZ 180 enthalpy ventilation unit an excellent choice for apartments, detached houses and small commercial properties. All functions can be very conveniently operated with the FEB remote control which is available as an option.

    Ensuring the right air quality and maximum efficiency at all times: The ventilation unit’s enthalpy cross-countercurrent heat exchanger recovers up to 65 % of the moisture and up to 90 % of the thermal energy from the extract air. In the summer months, an energy efficient cooling function ensures a high level of comfort in the home.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 236646

    Height: 997 mm

    Width: 690 mm

    Depth: 534 mm

    Air flow rate: 60-250 m³/h

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