Top 5 online tools & resources for heat pump installers

These are the favourites of our technical team - we'll think you'll find them invaluable too

Our list of heat pump installer resources!

Number 1: MCS Standards & Tool Library

Not just a single tool but a whole range of resources, including a SCOP and SCHEE calculator, DHW water calculator plus a suite of reference documents for best practice.

Number 2: The Energy Networks Association Heat Pumps process flowcharts and spreadsheets

Flowcharts and application forms that support installers with how and when to notify network operators of heat pump installations.

Number 3: Stiebel Eltron toolbox

Well we would say so. But our technical tools are designed specifically to make the complex calculations a breeze. Try our heat pump tool to calculate a heating load for a property, combine technologies, design a system, estimiate running costs and get a quote. Our Hydraulic finder tool is another great resource, providing sample hydraulic diagrams.

Number 4: IEA (The international Energy agency) Tracking report on heat pumps 

Sometimes we all need to stand back and see the big picture. These statistics provide a fascinating insight into the implemetation of heat pump technology around the world. Remind yourself just how important your job is, how far we have come and how much there still remains to do. 

Number 5: BEAMA Part L - Heat Pump and electric resistance heating guide

Update yourself on the changes to building regulations for new and existing dweliings that came into force this year.