CPD: Low carbon; space saving hot water solutions

In this CPD accredited seminar we cover the basics of instant water heaters and share innovative ways to apply them. Learn how you can save carbon and reduce running costs; whilst increasing user satisfaction. Always thought the cost of electrical infrastructure would preclude an instant water solution? We show you how to think again with the application of diversity factors.

Learning points

What is point of use water heating and what are the benefits?

  • Learn about power supply and performance levels to choose the right kind of instant water heater (single or 3 phase)
  • How do we apply instant water heaters and why haven’t they been more widely used in the UK?
  • How can we be sure they will work?
  • How do we access the benefits for the UK market?

About the session

This is a 1-2 hour live session delivered by our expert specification managers. 

By the end of the session you should have a clear idea of the benefits and costs of a instant water heating system vs central plant.

We present case study material that shows you how the technology has been applied in the UK and the dramatic value this can bring to your project, such as the recent development that was able to fit  an entire extra unit into the building simply by removing the need for large stores of water. Independent tracking data is presented that proves the robust models for predicting electrical demand.

The focus of the session is pimarily on multi-occupancy dwellings but is equally applicable to commercial buildings. 

Who should attend?

This session is designed for architects, M&E consultants, developers and other groups with a role in specifying and implementing building services.